Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Targeting Sarah Haskins (With Admiration!)

Oh, Sarah Haskins, you never fail to make me laugh. Your smart and humorous looks at consumerism's attempts to market products to women are endlessly entertaining. You always say what I wish I had thought of saying, and better than I could have ever said it. And to think, I have the privilege of sharing your first name! And your refined sense of potty humour rivals my own, you Harvard grad, you.

You relentlessly challenge marketing execs’ idea of the “perfect woman”. You fearlessly battle the stereotypes perpetuated by commercials selling cleaning products and dinner foods to the females of the house(s). You show me that I don’t have to fit into the “Supermom” mold when I grow up, and contend that I’m not a fool to expect an egalitarian household!

Thank you for being the voice of the disenchanted. Thank you for entertaining me, as well as inspiring me to closely examine marketing and advertising campaigns.

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