Monday, September 21, 2009

Makin' Penises Look Pretty?

While reading a few articles on, I stumbled upon this article on circumcision. The idea of me writing on the matter of circumcision seems like the tag line of some joke; nevertheless, the article intrigued me, and I felt that I should share it.

The article’s juxtaposition of the commonalties between circumcision and female genital mutilation is intriguing. If you happened to read my post on FGM a few months back, I compared vaginal rejuvenation with FGM. Circumcision introduces a whole new aspect to the argument, particularly when considering the religious connections for both FGM and circumcision, the lack of individual consent for these procedures, and societal repercussions that stem from having or not having one of these procedures.

I hope that this post will fuel an interesting debate over whether or not circumcision can be related to FGM

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  1. I have often mentioned to people (the ones who tell me that my son's penis is not attractive since I chose not to have it sliced and mutilated) that he can make a choice as an adult if he wants to do that. I feel that it IS similar to FGM in that there is no choice involved for a baby. I also read a whole book on circumcision and read accounts of adult men who got circumsised later in life, and they lost some sensitivity. FGM takes away ALL pleasure, Right? At least men are left with some. But I totally DISAGREE with parents making those kinds of choices for a helpless baby- either way!