Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Dad is a Feminist, and I Dig It

I came across this article on Alternet, and it got me thinking about the rare, wondrous creature that is a male feminist and my own experiences with them.
I immediately called my father (he is retired, and therefore usually easily reachable). You see, my parents raised my sisters and me to be strong, independent people. My father never expected any less from us because we were female; he was always quick to inform us “When I was your age, I was (in Vietnam, living on my own, doing any number of actions he perceived applicable to the situation at hand)”. Therefore, I assumed he was a feminist, but wanted to make sure.
Me: Hi, Dad, I’m writing this thing for work, and I just have to ask you something. Are you a feminist?
Dad: Well, see, I don’t know about that. Doesn’t that mean that they [feminists] want more rights than men?
Me: No, actually, that isn’t true. A feminist is someone who believes that men and women are equal, and should have equal rights.
Dad: Well, if that’s what it means, then I guess I am a feminist. You can put that in your report.
Me: Great, thanks.
Dad: But, you know, the wording is off, they should change it to ‘femanist’, so it sounds more equal. [Guffaws]
Me: … Bye, Dad.

So, you see, feminism runs in my blood. And is frequently misunderstood (which isn’t breaking news, by any means). Imagine how our ranks could swell if people really understood what we’re all about!
Thank you, feminists male and female alike, wherever you are. You make this world a better place.
[Uh, the guy in the picture is totally not my dad, but my dad is an older gentleman, and owns some pipes.]


  1. Oh dear. Can I tell you how upset I am to be married to this man for decades and not realize that he thought we wanted more, not equal rights? I feel remiss in not setting him straight, if that is what he truly thought. But then again, I was busy raising 3 strong, beautiful fantastic girls into 3 strong beautiful smart fantastic women, so that's my excuse. Notice I said I was busy, not we. I never liked sharing credit....

  2. Very nice Sarah. I hope you told Dad to read it :-)

  3. Sarah, I am in love with you and your family...have they ever considered adoption?

  4. Haha, everyone wants in in our clan. The more the merrier

  5. When my dad was in high school, he took home economics, which most people even today would considered a girl course. As a result, it started him in the cooking skills and before my parents divorced, according to my brother, he even taught my brother how to cook.