Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Tragic Loss ...

On October 14th one of our fellow huskies went missing. Her name was Antinette “Toni” Keller, and she was a first year art student.

I didn’t know her personally but her story affected me deeply. I kept picturing what her parents must be going through, what her friends must be feeling.

Tragically her case has been re-classified as a murder investigation.

Students are being advised to travel in groups of three or more. That’s not really practical for me. My step-mother warns me not to go anywhere alone. She encourages me to hang with my male cousin as often as possible. I’ve heard people say, “Why did Toni go to the park alone?”

I say, why shouldn’t a woman be able to go to the park alone? One student commented that he wouldn’t let any of his female friends go anywhere alone because of Toni’s disappearance. It’s not fair to women! Why is it that we can’t feel safe in public spaces? Why should we require an escort?

Violence happens to men also. If Toni were a man, would people say, “Why did he go to the park alone?” I don’t think so. No one would blame a man for taking a walk in the park.

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