Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Islamic Feminism?

Islamic Feminism is a movement within the Islamic paradigm that derives its understanding from the Quran and seeks rights and justice for men and women. Some say the idea of Islamic Feminism is a contradiction within itself.

What does this movement mean for Islamic men and women, as well as feminism in general?

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Many feel that feminism and Islamic beliefs cannot exist due to the various interpretations of the Quran that have been used to justify the subordination of women.

Still, we see Islamic women expressing feminist ideologies even with the threat of danger; for example, women in Afghanistan were pelted with pebbles as they attempted to protest legislation that would limit their rights (i.e. inability to leave house, work, attend school, or receive health care without a husband's consent).

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What does this mean for women in Islam?

Thoughts? Ideas?

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