Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm All "Siskel and Ebert" This Tuesday Afternoon

The mind works in mysterious ways… and mine was working overtime this week as I tried to come up with a blog topic. I settled on creating an overview on the topics that have intrigued/disgusted/brought me joy, and assemble them here for your reading/surfing pleasure.

Thumbs Up: The WRC is 30 Years Awesome

As our 30th anniversary celebration quickly approaches, I’ve been quite busy nailing down all the details. I mailed out the invitations to our luncheon, and am preparing for our open house, which will be from 3 PM to 6 PM on September 3rd.

Thumbs Up: Painting The Town… Blue

The upstairs portion of the WRC was painted last fall, and the painters started the downstairs area yesterday in our conference room. We’ve selected a cobalt blue, and the room is on the fast track to looking amazing.

Thumbs Down: George Sodini’s Blog

Lettie wrote yesterday about Sodini, the man who opened fire in a gym earlier this month and murdered 3 women. His blog is available after you plug in his death date (August 4th of this year) on this page, and it is very creepy and unsettling to read.

Thumbs Up: Priceless Performance By Priceline Spokesman

On July 27th of this year, William Shatner appeared on The Tonight Show and performed excerpts from Sarah Palin’s farewell speech on her final day as governor.

After making up words in her farewell speech, she’s now making up odd details in Obama’s healthcare bill. It just adds fuel to my ‘I Really Dislike This Person’ fire.

Thumbs Down: Western Women Are Opting For Female Genital Mutilation… And Paying For It

Lettie blogged about vaginal rejuvenation a while back, and this article on Alternet further discusses the issue.

Not only is this unsafe, as my boss/editor Kate pointed out, it diminishes a woman’s identity. I understand that mothers that do this are trying to illustrate their devotion to their child- but it’s YOUR profile, not your offspring’s.

So, there you go- a little insight into the inner workings of my mind. Enjoy!

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