Monday, August 31, 2009

Not Just Breast for Breast Sake

Every now and then a story comes along and you can help but be utterly amused… That is how I felt about Meghan Pleticha’s article on her "topless experiment." Ironically, Alex touched on the issue of going topless just last week when she mentioned

The article, although a little ostentatious, chronicled Meghan’s experience of sunbathing topless in a New York park. The premise of the experiment is quite brilliant, and it pushes the reader to think outside the box (or in this case outside the top). She acknowledges the different reactions that she was confronted with and notes that women seemed to be more critical of her topless parade.

I think this article makes you consider double standards that are currently in place for men and women’s nudity, as well as bringing up how men and women react to people who push the boundaries of social norms.

In the article is mentioned. Once you get past the copious boobage, there is actually some interesting reasoning behind National Topless Day...and its not breasts for the sake of breasts. Who knew going topless could be so feminist?

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