Friday, April 23, 2010

Fembots: From Fantasy to Reality

No one disputes that technology has certainly done some amazing things for society as a whole. But in our quest to create efficiencies and solve the world’s problems, I think it is crucial to ask not whether we can, but whether we should. This video explores the creation of the Fembot fantasy and its portrayal in the media as the “ultimate misogynistic male fantasy.”

While fembots do seem extreme, I fear that our society’s preference for a technological mask instead of human interaction is harming our sexual relationships and our friendships (at the moment this trend can most readily be seen in the explosive use of texting). It seems as though we are moving further away from face-to-face encounters and preferring an artificial world where it is not necessary to use social skills to have an interpersonal relationship. The next video of an actual fembot seems to indicate that in the near future we will have a “human” face imposed on technology, and not just any face, a female face.

Why does the robot have to be female or be assigned a sex at all for that matter? I thought the point of creating robots was to serve human kind and perform tasks that humans can’t. So I wonder what it is that woman are not doing that a robot can….perhaps fulfilling the “ultimate misogynistic male fantasy”?

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