Monday, April 26, 2010

Fire Safety Day at the Dub C

So today we got trained in fire safety and learned how to use a fire-extinguisher! The WRC is now prepared to handle fires safely and effectively!

Here is the gang after taking care of the fire.

Here is the roaring fire that we needed to tame.

Here is Kate taking care of business. She took the prize with the fastest time, although Jill might tell you otherwise...

Jill taking a second shot at it....

Overall, just another fun day at the Dub C!


  1. I feel like that first picture is really lacking........

  2. I can not look at these photos and not say some thing. It looks like you have an electric barbecue, as I see what looks like cord coming out of the back. Please never use a water type extinguisher on an electric fire. Always use a dry chemical extinguisher. Please contact your fire department and have them send over a lady fire fighter to show you the proper equipment to use.

    If the man in the background is the one who is showing you how to fight fires you need someone else. This guy is not making you look good.

    Most good Fire Departments now days have women fire fighters. Please contact one of them for help before some one gets hurt.

    Fighting fires is all about SAFETY FIRST.