Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here Are a Couple of Things I Think Are Cool

This Bitch article mentioned a UK-based organization called Pink Stinks, which, according to their website, aims to:
* Inspire, motivate and enthuse girls about the possibilities and opportunities open to them * Improve girls’ self esteem and confidence, raise their ambitions and ultimately improve their life chances * To challenge the 'culture of pink' which is based on beauty over brains and to provide an alternative

Their website features positive role models for girls from a large variety of fields and professions: science, business, arts, activists, the environment, among others.

As a child development major and feminist, this organization really appeals to me. I think that there is an audience eager to hear their message (as well as people that should, but might not know it yet!). I think that they're definitely on the right track. I tried to find a similar organization here in the States, and I think the Dove Real Beauty campaign has some things in common. But they don't really feature positive role models and have those corporate connections, so, it is hardly the same thing.

***On a side note- if you're an old lady like me, then this blog, 90S Woman, might also appeal to you. I was kind of a tail-end-of-the-decade 90s Woman, but it applies nonetheless.***

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