Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Half-Naked: Having What it Takes to be a Waitress.....

I was in the office working with one of our AWESOME volunteers on a project. Now, Sam (our WONDERFUL volunteer) and I are talking, and she tells me of this job interview that she had not that long ago. The job was with a company who was interested in hiring two employees to waitress. In my mind, nothing scandalous or upsetting about that, right?

Now, at this point I feel obligated to step up and say that Sam is a personable, kind, and attractive individual (not to mention extremely intelligent, which of course, counted for nothing at this job interview). All of that aside, Sam was looking for a part-time job that would help pay the bills and get her through her last year in school. My questions is: at what cost should she go through to pay her bills...according to the company she was applying for a job...her body.

Of course, the restaurant expected all female employees to wear Belly Shirts (basically Bras made of cotton) and shorts that would fit so tight that not only would a woman’s butt be defined and very little would be left to the imagination, but half her butt would be popping out if she had to bend over and pick something up. My question: Would you go to a restaurant which required men to dress the same way(See the picture above? Would you want this guy serving you dinner??)??? Wait. What? You mean you wouldn't want to see a guy's junk flopping around as he brings you your meal or half of his butt popping out of his shorts when he bent over to pick something up (surprise, surprise…).

So, please remind me again: What makes it O.K. to require women to dress this way ANYWHERE (even at restaurants)? Because men get pleasure from this (do we really? I know I don’t go to a restaurant just to stare rudely at the waitress)??? Because women want to run around half naked (as if)??? Because society has said it’s O.K to objectify women in this way….. (No, I’m sorry, I do not buy that excuse).

We can do better. These are people: real life daughters, sisters, mothers, and friends that we take so much pleasure in objectifying. What’s wrong with a little respect and decency???

***My name is Sam, and I approve of Joe's usage of my story in this blog.***

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