Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Yes, David Bowie, the Women’s Resource Center is making some ch-ch-ch-changes to our already-lovely space. During the 2008 fall semester, we got the chance to paint all of our upstairs rooms. We were extremely pleased with the results, and longed to “spread the awesome” to our downstairs rooms. We’ve gotten the go-ahead, and can’t wait to bathe our walls in delicious greens and/or blues and browns.
While we patiently await the arrival of paint samples, we’ve made a couple of pilgrimages to IKEA. We’ve got a great new couch and table which makes our front area much more home-y. And the addition of some comfortable and cute office chairs made me especially happy. The old rickety, squeaky red one we had been subjected to was the bane of my existence. We also got new bookcases, which we hope to fill with our 30th anniversary library donations.
People at the WRC have worked hard to make our space a welcoming one. We want people to feel comfortable here- not just at our (awesome, cutting-edge) programs, but whenever someone wants to just hang out.
Stay tuned for more updates on our aesthetic progress. Or, better yet, stop by and see it with your own eyes.

Photo: (Left to right) Jill, Alex and myself enjoy our new front area decor.

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