Monday, June 15, 2009

Somebody's Daughter?

So, through my internet surfing I stumbled upon this video that was linked to the Bitch Magazine website. After watching it, I could not help but go to the Somebody's Daughter website advertized at the bottom.

The video and website are clearly products of the male religious right perspective on the sex industry, so it makes sense that they would juxtapose women with family ownership. The tagline of the video is “somebody’s daughter.” The viewer watches a series of young women going through different life events (i.e. graduation) and the video and tagline imply that her value is dependent upon her connection to her family, rather than her identity as an individual. She is “somebody’s daughter,” conveying the message that you should not exploit someone’s property. This song strips (pun intended – I know I’m clever) women of their autonomy, and gives control to a woman’s parents. The song (besides being completely sappy) could have been more empowering for the man who drives through the rain, and also the women that the song is geared toward, if the song focused on the woman’s rights, empowerment and/or struggles.

The website attached to this song is even worse. The most concerning part about the site were the rape and divorce calculators. The tickers appeared to jump without any scientific method. I am unaware of how many rapes or divorces are a product of porn (if any truly can be traced back), but I am pretty sure that the makers of this site are just as unaware. I think it is irresponsible for people to make up their own numbers considering the severity of the situation. I am not trying to argue for or against the sex industry. Regardless of my positions on the matter, I feel that this particular organization forgets and even dismisses those affected most by the industry, the women.

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