Monday, January 11, 2010

Is it "true love" if everything about it is fake?

A new semester of school has just begun, and with it, my roommate has returned to our apartment from winter break. She also brought with her a new show that she has apparently been following. Last night she “reserved” the TV in order to watch the new episode. What, you may ask, is this show that has captivated my roommate’s attention? Tough Love.

Tough Love is a reality TV show on VH1 where contestants are trained on how to find a mate by a matchmaker, Steven Ward. With this brief description you can probably guess that the show is a recipe for a misogynistic disaster. He claims to have credentials to pick apart women because his mom was a matchmaker, although, at 28, he is not married, which seems to be the only goal that is worthwhile. Thus, he is failing at his own game. Additionally, besides telling women everything that they have going wrong for them, he also has some great (dripping with sarcasm) tips like this one:

(found on Steven Ward's profile)

Fortunately, we have Sarah Haskins to help make fun of the show for us:

I know that the quality of the shows that VH1 produces are never up to my feminist standards, but I feel that shows like this SCREAM “offensive.” I watched an episode with my roommate and could not stop thinking about how insulting it is to women everywhere. The host dissects each woman - basically telling her that a man can never love her for who she is, and that she should change herself to be more appealing to the opposite sex. Whatever happened to loving -and respecting- someone for who they are (quirks and all)?


  1. LAAAAAAAME. The saddest part is that some people buy into all that.

  2. Ugh. My roommate watches this too. It drives me nuts. I think it's on like it's second season or something like that now.