Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saving Face, or Self Mutilation?

Human beings have flaws. Lots of them. One of my flaws is a fascination with the MTV show “The Hills”. I hate MTV and I think it sucks, but for some reason I occasionally like to watch that particular show. So, one of the “characters” is Heidi Montag, who is in the news a lot recently because of some extensive plastic surgery she underwent at the end of last year.

This woman is apparently the victim of a warped self image. She had 10 procedures done over a 10 hour time period. When one examines before and after photos, the change is quite dramatic.

People carving up their bodies and faces is not exactly a new phenomenon. But I still can’t help but be repulsed by it. Some would argue that it is the product of an image-obsessed culture. It is natural for one to want to look their best. But I feel that using cosmetic surgery to alter your features is a drastic, unnecessary and dangerous measure.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is another story; I see nothing wrong with that. But a 23 year old woman who is already beautiful electing to have cosmetic procedures such as “neck liposuction” or “chin reduction” perplexes and saddens me. Beauty fades, looks fade… I’d rather take pride in the nature of my soul than the arrangement of my face.

You can see a clip from “Good Morning America” where Heidi Montag is asked some tough questions here on Jezebel.

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