Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Young Feminists

I saw this really neat post on change.org calling for “young feminists” to make shout outs. Today, when the F word is still oh-so-dirty, it is more important than ever for young women to embrace the word and make their beliefs known! Enough with this “I’m a feminist… but” mentality! If you are for the political, economic and social equality of women, then you are a feminist! Feminism is responsible for a bunch of great things, and we shouldn’t let the movement or the word feminist be pushed aside or be deemed as a dirty word.
So say it! I am a young feminist!


  1. Why doesn't she want to smash the black and coloured racists too?

    Or does she need those to wipe out the Jews?

  2. What does a feminist look like? - resentful, belligerent and quarrelsome. They are also usually ignorant and misinformed with weak self control. They use to be called ‘men haters’ and ‘troublemakers’. They have always been around throughout human history and their main intent is to create ill will, bad feeling, and malice between men and women.

    The cause is the maternal instinct which regards men as either a mating object when in lust, or a potentially danger to the family unit to be driven away when not, by making life as difficult as possible. The male equivalent - male aggression - is the pack hunting instinct. This throughout history has resulted in armies and wars.

    Mature and well balanced people recognise the problems and control their instincts and emotions using basic social skills and Christian principles, particularly the Ten Commandments - which are an obvious guide for social stability and safety.

  3. I bet you delete my comments NIU women.