Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Due to the fact that I no longer have DVR (and cannot skip through the commercials), I have been forced to watch extremely annoying advertisements for all sorts of products. But I must say one commercial I LOVE watching (besides that cute lizard guy) is the U by Kotex commercials. These Kotex commercials poke fun at other advertisements which portray the menstrual cycle as some euphoric pool/dance party. Not only does it mock silly plots for these ads, it also takes a shot at typical marketing schemes these commercials use to sell their products (i.e. dynamic angle shots, a beautiful model, etc.). This makes for a hilarious commercial.

After looking into the these ads a bit more, I learned that Kotex took it a step up by conducting social experiments about feminine products and female issues in general, and then taped them via hidden camera. My favorite experiment has to be of a man asking strangers to help him pick out some feminine products for his girlfriend. I loved this experiment because: a. it showed a man (although a bit clueless) okay with buying feminine products, b. the people he stopped (both men and women) began to realize how superfluous some of these products were (scented tampons?), and c. when the gentleman asked a women “why would they make tampons out of cardboard?”, her exasperated reply was “it’s a man’s world, and men make these products”--interesting.

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