Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bullet-Proof Boob

Some women use their boobs to get out of speeding tickets, obtain free drinks, or just to get some attention. According to a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, Lydia Carranza’s boobs helped accomplish an even more useful thing: they saved her life.

Last summer, a gunman stormed the dental office where Carranza works and shot her in the chest. Her surgeon claims that her D- implant absorbed most of the bullet’s impact, and that bullet fragments were “millimeters away from her heart and vital organs.” Carranza’s surgeon is making this claim in an effort to get an implant company to donate materials for her reconstructive surgery; he is planning to perform the surgery himself for very cheap. As a result of the injury, Carranza’s breast is scarred, and the implant deflated.

The spokeswoman for the hospital where Carranza was treated after the incident, however, says that the emergency physician was “not aware of the breast implant having any impact on whether or not it saved her life.”

Carranza said she got the implants because she “couldn’t wear any dress that didn’t make her breasts look saggy,” so she went from a B-cup to a D-cup. Interestingly, she felt good about herself when people admired her at family reunions and social outings. If anyone at a family reunion admired my bosom, I would probably puke in my mouth a little bit.

This sounds like a case for the Mythbusters--though I’m not sure how they’d execute the experiment.

For more discussions about boobs, be sure to check out this WRC program next week:

Tuesday, March 2
Breast Obsessed? Exploring the Western Fixation

Titties. Fun bags. “The girls.” Whatever you call them, they are part of a dialogue that pits biological function against sexual pleasure. Our “breast fetish” impacts all of our lives in many ways, including the way we think about sexuality, plastic surgery, public nudity, and breastfeeding. If you want to learn more about our society’s fascination with breasts, join the WRC for a discussion about the causes, implications, and future of this national breast obsession.
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Location: Women’s Resource Center
Co-Sponsored by: Women’s Rights Alliance

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