Thursday, February 4, 2010

Raging Grannies, Puppy Parties, and Emancipated Women

Thirsty Thursday Round-Up:
Perhaps these links will "quench your thirst" for entertainment.
$2,000 Trashbag
Holy crap, Rich People That Would Purchase This Item, you’re so ridiculous. I cannot believe you’d spend so much money on a Louis Vuitton bag that looks like a garbage bag. I have a few of those I could sell you! And I’m so generous, I'll even make sure they aren’t empty!
A Glimpse Into My Future
I dig these ‘awd biddies, and hope I am just like them when I grow up.
Super CUTE
Well, I think the Souper* Bowl is this weekend. If you’re like me and football isn’t your thing (even if you do come from a football family, haha), you can watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet- complete with kitten halftime show – instead. Here is an adorable Puppy Party to tide you over ‘til then.
*name changed to protect the innocent
Trick of the Light (…and Make-Up, and Styling…)
Here is an interesting series of photos all featuring the same model photographed in a way that makes her look 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50. It serves as a reminder that things aren’t always what they seem.
What Little Girls and Boys Are Made Of
This page out of a children’s book from the 1970’s which illustrates some of the societal expectations for male and female vocations. It is interesting, to say the least.
These Colors Don’t Run
If you didn’t get a chance to vote in the primaries earlier this week, don’t you fret. You’re just as much of an emancipated woman if you do your laundry.

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