Monday, February 22, 2010

Have Justice Will Travel

Wynona Ward, a 58-year-old trucker-turned-lawyer, has turned her own childhood abuse survival story into a determination to serve inaccessible parts of Vermont. With her SUV has her traveling office, she travels 30,000 miles annually to the remotest and most isolated homes of domestic violence survivors, some of whom do not even have electricity. HJWT provides a wide range of services including in-home consultations, transportation to and from court hearings, and free legal representation for protective orders and family law issues for low income battered women and their children. Ward’s organization was also recently honored by the CNN Heroes series.

I would love to do this type of work when I graduate (and if the job market does not improve, perhaps will get my chance!). I am constantly amazed by women who manage to drastically change the course of their lives, not only for themselves, but for others. The mind-set it must take to overcome personal obstacles is truly impressive and inspiring.

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