Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Injustice Olymipc Style

It's Olympic time yet again, but one sport is missing: women’s ski jump. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) ruled that women’s ski jump was unsuitable for women. Gian-Franco Kasper claimed that “it’s like jumping down from two meters on the ground about a thousand times a year, which seem not to be appropriate for ladies from a medical point of view.” Kasper is not a doctor, and, to my knowledge, there has not been a lot (if any) medical research on the potential health problems that could occur for women athletes participating in the ski jump. Additionally, if there were medical problems that could arise, would it not seem reasonable to suspect that such health issues could affect men as well, after all whose body is really MADE to do that?

To me, it just seems like a clear cut case of gender discrimination. See the video below for more info on the story -

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