Thursday, June 17, 2010

Betty White is looking good...don't airbrush her

Betty White is everywhere, and I like it! Although only claiming third place as my favorite “Golden Girl,” I’m absolutely thrilled with the increased attention White has received since the airing of her comic Super Bowl commercial in February. The ensuing request to host SNL and a leading role in the new sitcom Hot in Cleveland, make Betty White white-hot at the age of 88.

The fact that White is 88, actually looks it, and appears on TV pleases me to no extent. I appreciate that her face is plastered everywhere (while not looking like a plaster mold), serving as a reminder of what a woman who has aged naturally looks like: something we see far too infrequently in an industry that values looks above talent and youth over maturity, particularly for women. It’s fabulous that Betty White continues to claim a little piece of the spotlight, and that we can see such joy –and a range of emotions– in her unaltered, octogenarian face, while still appreciating her comedic presence and her work as an actor and animal rights activist.

NB: While searching for a photo of White, I found this article from Jezebel. To the person who authorized this airbrushing: leave Betty alone! I’d say leave all women untouched, but baby steps…

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