Monday, June 14, 2010

Sexual Harassment Double Standard

While listening to a local radio station the other morning, the hosts happened to be discussing the new report that Britney Spears sexually harassed her male bodyguard. The radio personalities -both men- briefly described the situation that resulted in charges. They proceeded to remark on how they did not understand how the bodyguard could be sexually harassed by Britney, indicating that they couldn’t see the problem with a beautiful woman walking around the house naked making sexual advances.

This mentality further feeds into the myth that men cannot be raped or have sexual violence perpetrated against them. What is most harmful about this is that the whole thing was made into a joke and spread throughout the broadcasting area. The misperceptions surrounding sexual violence toward men are fueled by these seemingly harmless acts, and, thus, the toxic mentality persists.

I have no opinion on whether or not Britney is guilty or not (innocent until proven guilty, right?), but the point is that this man’s claims should be taken seriously. The claim should be treated as authentic regardless of the gender of the person making it.

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