Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No Voice, No Brain, No Libido... No Probelm

If you have ever wondered about the best way to reconcile your sexual appetite with your complete lack of desire for actually dealing with women, the solution has finally arrived!


What is MyPartyDoll you ask? Well, according to the company's web site, “Party Dolls are the finest, most realistic, life size silicone dolls in the world. Each doll is carefully created using the finest available materials and craftsmanship. She moves just like a real girl, and is soft in all the right places.”

We accidently stumbled upon MyPartyDoll last week while searching for something else; Kate and I were immediately creeped out. But the creepiness factor aside, MyPartyDoll really does perpetuate the idea that women are a commodity. The dolls, which are named Leelo, are consistently personified throughout the website. The website even offers such gems as, “She should be treated with the care and respect given any other expensive work of art. Careful treatment will give you many years of beauty and enjoyment. She was created with very durable materials; but just like a real girl, should always be handled with care.”

So here is a $5600 “girl” that you can buy and use purely for your own enjoyment. Gone are the days when you have to worry about consent and someone else’s enjoyment. With MyPartyDoll you are completely in control.

In this article, sex doll consultant Alex Goldman says, “I’ve personally tested every doll on the market, these girls are a world of difference. She’s the bounciest doll I’ve ever been with…Leelo isn’t like those old blow up dolls, she’s so durable you could jack your car up with her…Leelo could last thirty years, of course it depends on how carried away you get with her.”

Personally, I find MyPartyDolls to be completely sexist, disgusting, and disturbing. As long as products like this are on the market, we will never be able to have true respect for women, their autonomy, and sexual agency.

*With the exception of quotes, which are taken directly from the MyPartyDoll website, all descriptions are my own and do not describe the feelings of MyPartyDoll.


  1. Have you seen Lars and the Real Girl? It was a (indie?) movie that came out a couple years ago. Chronicles a relationship between a socially challenged man and a doll such as the one described in this article. It was pretty interesting.

  2. Low libido has become an ever-increasing issue in today's modern world as life seems harder and we all seem to be working more than ever before. Many of us have come to accept this as a fact of life and have ignored the need for sexual pleasure within our lives and really pushed sex to the back burner.