Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Got To Love Technology

Many have heard the sarcastic phrase “got to love technology” come from the mouth of a frustrated user. I myself have said this multiple times, usually after a fight with whatever complicated piece of equipment I just used. With all the updates that go into each laptop, mP3 player, television, and cell phone every year, one would think that it should all become easier to use; but I feel as if these constant revisions has only complicated my life more. Only three years out of high school and I already get confused at the words my little sister spews out whenever she is talking about her new iPod touch, or the latest social networking site. Twit-what? Blue-ray who? Can’t we just call our friends over and pop in an old VHS or DVD?

I suppose that I’m dealing with a bout of nostalgia, but I cannot help but be annoyed when my close friends and family would rather text me than call me. I also can’t help but get miffed at the fact that technology has changed (possibly ruined?) social interactions for everyone. Do I really need to compete against a cell phone for attention from my sister when we are out having lunch?

Now, I’m not saying that technology hasn’t made my life easier; we all know it has (hello GPS!). But do I really need to have texting, internet on my cell phone, and touch screens on everything, in exchange of actual human contact? Are people seriously buying another touch-screen device to read books from, rather than actual tangible books? Perhaps I am sipping on Hater-ade too much, but I hate the feeling of helplessness whenever a computer goes crazy or my cell phone is lost or has died. I know it’s not just me; don’t we all miss the good old days sometimes?

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