Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh Yes, It's Ladies Night

So, not that long ago I turned 21 years old, which is the dream of any college student. Personally, I see 21 as just another year I’ve been alive and another year that gives me more responsibility to conduct myself as a responsible member of society.
Since my birthday, I’ve been watching the alcohol debate go on (and on, and on). Listening to everything from how the drinking age should be lowered, to how .08 blood alcohol content (BAC) is too high, and if people want to drive, they should have a BAC of no more than .02. I could go on, but, as not to bore you, I will stop there.
Well, one of the alcohol issues I recently came across is “Ladies Night.” Ladies Night refers to women getting into the bar at a discounted cover charge and possibly getting reduced prices on drinks. The article that I read was about a lawsuit that deemed “Ladies Night” was unconstitutional because it discriminates against men. The article can be located at

Now, I’m risking my life as a feminist to state this point, but, I have to agree with not having “Ladies Nights.” WHOA, hold up. Don’t go away from the blog just yet. I’m opposed to “Ladies Nights” NOT because they’re discriminative against men and we have to advance the right of men (Oh, please. Society’s been there, done that), but because essentially bars are giving ladies reduced prices on booze and letting them in for cheap to draw women to their bar. And why do they do that???? So that the bar has closer ratios of men and women which makes heterosexual male patrons stick around that bar longer. You may ask yourself: Well who cares and so what? Well, then you have to examine whether or not we are willing to have “Ladies Nights” even if it’s just for the exploitation of women. For me, the answer is a resounding no.

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