Thursday, September 2, 2010

These Are Not Your Boyfriend's Jeans

I have a love/hate relationship with “boyfriend” jeans and any other “boyfriend” clothing. I love that they are masculine clothes that come in my size. I hate the offensive heteronormative name for them. As a gay woman, I am not aspiring to find a nice boyfriend, thus I’ll never know the joy of wearing a male lovers clothing. Shucks.

I find the jeans a strange mix of masculine clothing for women, but policing that with a strict hetero-normative reminder to keep women in check. I mean, without the title “boyfriend”, they might as well call them *gasp* “lesbian jeans.” And big retailers just cannot be having their customers getting confused with the lesbians.

So, you have to maintain your heterosexual cutsiness by referencing a boyfriend,even if you don’t have one. Cause, remember, you’re not supposed to look butch or masculine, you’re supposed to look CUTE. Like that time when you were three and trekked around the house in your father’s work boots and everyone thought you were just so damn adorable. It’s just like that.

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