Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Talk Derby To Me

Women from all walks of life are teaming up to participate in an alternative, stress-relieving, exciting sport: roller derby. Although roller derby has been around for years, a new wave of women has taken up the sport once again. These women, who carry on “typical” lives during the day, don a different role in the evening while practicing hip checks and crossovers. Everything about this sport is just plain awesome; from their cool derby names (Hello Hermione Danger!) to their awesome attire, this sport is both intriguing and intimidating.

In a recent article by The Chronicle, women from all walks of life are participating in derby. One particular group, who are all students and faculty from the University of Missouri, are known as the ‘Smackademics’ by their fans--awesome. Can you imagine your pediatrician throwing down with your elementary school teacher? Once you get over the shock factor, you can truly appreciate what these women are doing and the message they are sending: women are not delicate flowers and not only can they participate in contact sports, but they can excel in them too. Oh yeah, and they can kick your ass.

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