Thursday, September 16, 2010

What a Waist

I recently saw an advertisement for the General Nutrition Center's “Burn 60” pill. If you purchase the diet pills, you get this ugly bag free. This is yet another diet pill and yet another advertisement giving women an ideal body image that is an unhealthy one. If I only had a nickel…

The waist on the left is not unhealthy or fat! GNC is creating a problem and then giving you their product as a solution in the same breath. “You don’t feel bad about your body? Well, you should. Oh you feel bad about your body? Sorry to hear that. But fortunately for you, we can help! Buy our product. We’re always looking out for you.” This is often the type of advertisements directed at women: to make them feel bad, and then to sell the product to make women feel better. What a trap!

I also think it is terrible that a store with the word “nutrition” in the name is advocating a body image that is so clearly unhealthy. Attaching the word “nutrition” to this image of a body is giving the idea that having a waist the same circumference as your wrist is healthy.

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