Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Growing Concerns: Access to Abortion?

We all know that many if not most women, face some degree of difficulty when it comes to being presented with all options during pregnancy, including information about and access to abortion. As of late, more and more laws are being passed that are slowly infringing upon the little access to abortion that women do have. Kaili Joy Gray outlines these concerns in this article on AlterNet.

Although I disagree with Gray’s comparison of anti-choicers in the U.S. to “American Taliban”, (what they do is definitely wrong, however I feel the comparison might be a bit extreme and sensationalist) she does a wonderful job at outlining what a woman who faces an unwanted pregnancy may go through when trying to access an abortion.

The right of a woman to make a choice about her body, namely whether or not to have a child, is fundamental. We cannot allow the anti-choice movement to “sneakily” decrease accessibility more and more. Even if abortion is still legal, if it’s not accessible to the women who need it most then it doesn’t matter.

*If you’re interested in learning more about accessibility to reproductive rights or making sure that we don’t lose them, check out Advocates for Choice NIU, a reproductive rights student activist group on campus.

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